“To Undress the Colors of Her Soul” by Bohemian

It doesn't take much for persons to realize the individual's limitations offered by modern societies. For humanity, the desire to seek knowledge and wisdom is a limitless attraction to define Life under ever-better terms - to brave War to have Peace or Hope for Peace while having War. Self-distractions and addictions fill in the gaps.

...Revolutions of the mind spurring creations into Never-Lands to an eventual Fall over our Studies of what is Not and Could Be until life falters and the Universe or some merciful God welcomes us (or recycles us) back from our Human Revolt...

If there's anything useful to tell the humans of any world, maybe it'd be something like this:

"What you think is Life is the Revolution, and Humanity is Fighting to Lose with Systems of Knowledge, Economics, Politics, Wisdom, Faith, Love, Control, and Hope. Welcome!"

~~ Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

“Virtual Moralities” by Bohemian

“Qué Hicieras” by Bohemian

“The Sigh and the Witch” by Bohemian

“Nothing” by Bohemian

I Left by Bohemian

It makes me think:

Isn't this were humans live?

in that gray zone of being a human being

where "Hate" and Love somehow meet

God knows the color of human dreams...

A very inspirational poem... It captured my imagination in some aspects. In my opinion, the idea of "Hope" is a necessary foundation of the human psyche ... and possibly the one element necessary to step beyond the "I Am" and into "What It Can Be" around us.

Dejar de Amar by Bohemian

Death’s Call by Bohemian

Bohemian Sigh

Dreaming a poet’s life with every sigh

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