I don’t think Zsa Zsa Gabor knew men very well. Actually, I find it interesting that women in my circles privately admit to not knowing what they really want - much less know what they want from a man. It explains some of the confusion on what a ‘Real Man’ is in 2021. Either, I should swap my circles for some other geometric figure or realize that the sexes are clueless and “Nutty” when it comes to love and any type of human bond (Yes, it includes “Turtles” and waxing cars).

Not knowing better, what person doesn’t rely on expert advise and made up rules to patch up the ever changing incompatibilities between the genders? If there’s an simple answer, it’s beyond me. Nuts! But, for sure, it’s entertaining, and it keeps the planet populated.

Enjoyed your “Nutty” story.

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