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I can feel the touch
lift my senses
Curving back into sweet craziness
Please no, don’t look back
No, oh no, say is on
I can feel the warm
Letting every hand
Stay curved
Be my curse
Please go on
move a little further
It needs a twirls
The thirst
now be still
It feelsTill it comes
stay high
Riding all-right
into a dark dusk
It feelsI can see your touch
lift my senses
Just another pill
to dull the senses
sinking wills
seeping heaven
It FeelsRiding into sweet craziness
Eclipsing stars
Pushing risings
No, oh no
It thirsts and whirls
It feelsSinking wills
Touching thrills
Locking senses
Curving out
looking back
Trusting heat
Forcing hands
Grabbing pillows
Be loud and still
It feelsYou can touch
I can’t run
No escape
looking up
Curving in
Curving out
No, oh no
It feelsStriking high
Across stars
A still for this pill
Taking all
Losing all
When death arrives
It feels

Dreaming a poet’s life with every sigh

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