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Without fire in the heart,
the sky blurs,
in waves of blues,
smoking deadly-blooms,
Without fire in the eyes,
the road slips,
into delight,
smiling every-turn,
Let the fire roar,
let it all consume,
with the sins of truth,
and the flames sleuth,
Let the fire spread,
deep inside, underground,
so it burns old walls,
so it spits new balls,
Let the fire come,
all through the dark,
so it blitz with rights,
so it starts a fight…
Without fire in the heart,
minds believe delights,
in waves of blues and lies,
smoking deadly rhymes…
Let the fire deep,
Let it burn inside,
so it bursts the sins,
so it pains to sleep,
Shadows lurk the heights,
hungry for your voice,
better scream your plight,
better wake your love,
The buzz is in the air,
the lies between the dead,
feeding wrong, who’s left?
fumes over the heads,
Without fire in the heart,
the scent falters, moves away,
without fire to rise up,
life is soulless in its death,
Let the fire come..
Let the fire rise..
Let the fire roar..
Let it scream the words..
Singing to the core,
Pushing for a voice,
Writing on the wall,
Forging a new soul….
(Just) Let the fire roar.

Dreaming a poet’s life with every sigh

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