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Silent moon
floating on tears
embroiled with stares
among hidden hills
seeking thrills
shaking with chills
praying to light
losing to darkness
at the rising lightness
of a Southern sigil
inside of a mystic hill
touching red-black brightness
inside lips speaking of a madness
caressing time
inbred with distance
staking love
where none exists
thinking of sighs
weaving a veil
ending in a spell
of a touch
in a silver home
for occult tomes
daring to wait
by a permissive glimpse
that’s a wink
of a tease
in need
for a silent moon
resting on runes
ingesting tomes
Sensing blindly into easing darkness
Sipping loving from otherworldly madness
Senseless blackness, in love
Relentless joy in its everlasting brightness...

Dreaming a poet’s life with every sigh

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